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How To Write A Journal For Kids

Give your child a journal to use as he wishes, and teach him what it means to journal. Most young kids are unfamiliar with the concept of freestyle journaling. Do you keep a journal yourself? If so, use it as an example. Emphasize that the journal belongs to him and he can write whatever, whenever and however he chooses. Don’t force it.

  • These creative ideas for designing your own journal cover are simple and artistic at the same time. Kid-Made Stitched Journals (via hello, Wonderful) Turn your kids’ art into beautiful stitched journal covers they can.

  • First, the easiest way is to print the entire packet (25 pages), bind it or staple together and have your child do one page per day. If you don’t have a way to bind it, you can just keep it in any 3 ring binder or folder. I know not.

  • Write down as many details as you can remember. 3. What is one thing about today that surprised you? 4. What is one mistake you made today and what did you learn from it? 5. What are three things you’re grateful for? 6. If you.

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